About the Spark Radio Network

About The Spark Radio Network


Innovation, creativity & imagination all begin with a spark,

fueling the heart of people everywhere.

The Spark Radio Network supports the freedom of speech.


For over five years, I have lent my voice to trying to show the American public

clear differences between the new brand of liberalism

and political conservatism.

Our History

Six years ago, Rick Robinson felt that America was going off the rails, and he could no longer stand by and do nothing. People needed to be educated about the differences between the parties, but there was no avenue for him to express his views. After a radio industry friend practically laughed him out of his office, Rick started a Facebook page and began sparring with his friends.

The rules were simple: no name calling and no profanity. All views were welcomed.

A short time later, Rick began recording podcasts, and he was getting some attention. Others wanted to have their say.

The Spark Radio Network was born.

Five years later, and the rules are still simple, but with a few additions:

  • Stand for something
  • Be willing to speak your mind
  • Mark your podcast explicit, or keep profanity out of it
  • All points of view are welcome

While that original Facebook page is no longer with us, Rick will always support the ideals of free speech, and will continue to do so until his dying day.